Dry Selected Yeast LALVIN RC 212, 500 g

Dry Selected Yeast LALVIN RC 212, 500 g

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Dry Selected Yeast LALVIN RC 212, 500 g

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For Pinot noir with color and structure Lalvin RC212® was selected from fermentations in Burgundy by the BIVB to extract and protect the polyphenols of Pinot noir. Due to the limited adsorption of polyphenols on RC212® yeast cell walls, there is limited color loss and structure is protected during aging. It requires high nutrient additions to avoid the potential development of sulfides and demonstrates best results when rehydrated with the right nutrient and protectant. RC212® consistently produces Pinot noir with good structure, ripe cherry, bright fruit and spicy characteristics. Wines made with RC212® can be blended with wines made with Lalvin RA17® to achieve more complexity and finesse.