Fermentation Tube Glass, large

Fermentation Tube  Glass, large

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Fermentation Tube Glass, large

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made of glass with 2 spheres, mouth-blown for rubber-stoppers with 18 mm drilled holes, suited for fermentation containers of ca. 30 -120 l.

prevents air from entering during the fermentation process, lets the fermentation gas (CO2) escape easily.Fill fermentation tube up to half level with water and plug it by means of rubber stopper. In case You use the blocking liquid mentioned below You can use the fermentation tube also as protective closure of the beverage.

Sulfuric solution: 2g calium pyrosulfur (or 2 crushed Oenwe tablets), 1g citric acid and 100ml water, mixed and filled into the fermentation tube. when mustb is tapped, the sucked in air needs to pass through the liquid barrier and is therefore rendered germ-free .