ERBSLÖH Dry Selected Yeast Oenoferm Terra, 500g

ERBSLÖH Dry Selected Yeast Oenoferm Terra, 500g

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ERBSLÖH Dry Selected Yeast Oenoferm Terra, 500g

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Oenoferm® Terra has spontaneous-fermentation-like characteristics, yet the fermentation course is reliable and produces authentic wines with a pronounced terroir profile. The yeast strain ferments white as well as red grape musts, respectively grape mashes in a neutral and safe way. The grape-derived primary aromas are of course reliably preserved and are not superposed/suppressed by undesirable fermentation by-products. The yeast supports the terroir characteristics which are, among others, influenced by the site, the soil conditions, the micro climate, the topography and the vineyard cultivation and management and last not least, by the individual handwriting - the ways and methods - of the winemaker.

Favourable fermentation temperatures:

white must 17-22 °C; red grape mash/must: 22-28°C.


An addition of 20-30 g Oenoferm® Terra/100 l grape must.