Vacuum Packaging Device 100 Premium, 340mm width

Vacuum Packaging Device 100 Premium, 340mm width

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€ 299,00

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The professional Vacuum Sealer V.100 Premium with a sealing band length of 340 mm is characterized mainly by the strong double sealing and the new standard systems LCS and LTP. The V.100 Premium is a halfautomatic Vacuum Sealer, so the sealing process is initiated by the button "sealing". The maximum pressure with the brandnew Premium-pumps is up to -0.94 bar. The device is characterized as any other professional Lava Vacuum Packaging through its particularly easy handling.
- Semiautomatic - Starting of the sealing-process by pressing the button "sealing"
- Professional vacuuming and welding of food, industrial parts and other items
- Vacuum-Pack bags or rolls Bag, or only seal without vacuum. Also standard: Switchable at any time to container mode
- Individually adjustable sealing time - so you can use foils up to 200µ (industrial strength) with a width of up to 340 mm
- Manufacture of foil bags of individual length (continuous rolls can be found in 6 widths in the Lava accessories section))
- Soft vacuum: possible Precise pressure regulation (additional charge) for vacuum sealing of pressure-sensitive foods
- No pressure on regulatory stop-pulse function or manual welding as part of other devices in this sector
- Vacuuming of all vacuum containers, pots, jars and twist-off jars and containers by suction
- Welding of plastic bags up to 200µ to be used as a pure ideal sealer
- Vacuum packing and sealing of liquids (with the V.100 Premium and L+ pressure regulator or pre-frozen)
- Vacuum packing of smooth, standard vacuum-sealed foil available from 120µ thickness (cost savings)!

The professional vacuum sealer V.100 Premium comes in a starter set, consisting of:
- Vacuum Sealer V.100 Premium
- Lava-suction device for containers (Value: EUR 9,90)
- Different vacuum bags as a starter-kit
- Detailed instruction manual with warranty card