POLISH SAUSAGE Spice mixture, gluten-free, 1 kg

POLISH SAUSAGE Spice mixture, gluten-free, 1 kg

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POLISH SAUSAGE Spice mixture, gluten-free, 1 kg

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Replenishment arrives!

Hot smoked over Beech wood, the traditional "Polish" is really delicious.

In addition to great sensitivity of the smoking master the right mixture of spices is necessary. You immediately recognize the smell of garlic and special types of pepper, while the other spice components make your mouth watering!

Worth knowing about glutamate:

In our bodies, glutamate is an important building block of protein and essential for cell metabolism. L-glutamate has a positive effect on the muscle formation and the immune system. For this reason it is appreciated by bodybuilders. They use it as food supplement. Nevertheless, many people are allergic to various salts of glutamic acid. They are often used as a flavor enhancer in foods, under the name E 621 to E 625.

Therefore, we have our own glutamate-free product line in our program to meet these demands. Try it, you'll be amazed!