Pepper white grinded, in aroma-bag, 1 kg

Pepper white grinded, in aroma-bag, 1 kg

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Weight: 1,10 kg


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Pepper white grinded, in aroma-bag, 1 kg

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Application: pepper is a universal spice, it can be used in virtually every recipe. meat, fish, venison dishes; soups, sauces, marinades; everything pickled in vinegar, vegetables, slads, cheese stews, meat fillings etc. Black pepper is suited for dark meat, mussles, legumes. Green pepper is suited for sauces, poultry, cheese, salads, tomatoe soups etc.

Pepper stimulates Your appetite and the salivary flow, promotes digestion, relieves the blood circulation and stimulates in general. Warm milk with pepper and honey is an old home remedy against colds. piperin which is present in pepper acts pharmacologically seen anti-inflammatorily and antipyretically.