Juniper berries, whole, aroma-bag, 1 kg

Juniper berries, whole, aroma-bag, 1 kg

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Juniper berries, whole, aroma-bag, 1 kg

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Application: venison and poultry dishes, ham, sauerkraut, cabbage, smoked meat, fish marinades, spirits (genever, Gin, Steinhäger, Doornkat etc.) soups, sauces, smoking powders, tea, for pickling and basting. The Scandinavians add juniper berries to marinades for meat. In the North of France the berries are used in venison dishes and Pâté , in the Alsace and in germany in sauerkraut. Crushed berries can be mixed with salt and garlic and rub it on wildfowl before roasting. With clove-powder and pepper it is used for spicing beef. Juniper goes well along with garlic, aromatic herbs like majoram and rosemary, with beer, brandy and above all gin. Use juniper in marinades and sauces for pork meat and venison, in pickel brines, dry salt mixtures and in Pâtés. Juniper is well suited for spicing veal and beef roasts.