holzeis – SMOKING OVEN "MIDI", Electro Heater Set

holzeis – SMOKING OVEN "MIDI", Electro Heater Set

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holzeis – SMOKING OVEN "MIDI", Electro Heater Set

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The SMOKING OVEN „MIDI“, stainless steel, insulated, 80x40x40 cm is a double-walled insulated smoking oven with a capacity of 20 fish or ca. 12 kg meat in one heat . Naturally You can also smoke poultry etc. too.

Including the 274005 holzeis – ELEC TRO HEATER-Set - for all who do not like to fire wood. 

SMOKING OVEN „MIDI“" includes:

  • Drip tray
  • Cold smoke compartnment
  • 5 rods for hanging smoking ware
  • 5 smoking hooks in stainless steel
  • Thermometer

    Ideas for the Rookies:

    When You are about to start the smoking have the butcher cut the meat in portions suited for smoking. In a plastic box You can easily transport the ware in the boot of Your car. So You don't have to care for deboning the meat and know immediately which batches are better for smoking or for making sausages. Pork meat from the leg parts are lean and tasty and offer good texture so that they are ideal for smoking and pickling and curing. But also shoulder, belly and hips are perfectly usable.