holzeis – SMOKING OVEN "MAXI", stainless steel

holzeis – SMOKING OVEN "MAXI", stainless steel

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Weight: 40,00 kg



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holzeis – SMOKING OVEN "MAXI", stainless steel

Art.-Nr.: 274002

€ 725,00

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Replenishment arrives!

The SMOKING OVEN „MIDI“, stainless steel, insulated, 125x40x40 cm is a double-walled insulated smoking oven with a capacity of 40 fish or ca. 25 kg meat in one heat . Naturally You can also smoke poultry etc. too.

The SMOKING OVEN „MIDI“ also works with our 274005 holzeis – ELECTRO HEATER - Set - for all who do not like to fire wood.

SMOKING OVEN „MAXI“" includes:

  • Drip tray
  • Cold smoke compartnment
  • 5 rods for hanging smoking ware
  • 5 smoking hooks in stainless steel
  • Thermometer

Ideas for all Rookies – Pickling is essential!

"White Gold" – in former times they called salt this way when they couldn't produce it themselves. The trading routes of the Middle Ages tell stories of the importance of this precious and valuable good. Also nowadays meat is spiced and preserved by using salt. Microorganisms are kept from fouling the meat. By treating it with the spezial pickling salt the meat turns red, it is "pickled". Without pickling resp. With wrong resting time and/or recipe the meat acquires an unpleasant grey core area. Three different methods can be used for pickling: "Dry, Wet or Spray-Pickling".