VITAMIX Super TNC 5200

VITAMIX Super TNC 5200

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Weight: 5,00 kg


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VITAMIX Super TNC 5200

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€ 619,00

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Available Options:

1) red
2) black
3) white


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Same as VITAMIX TNC 5200, including an extra 0.9 l container with dry-cutting blades and cover.

Experience the endless variety of raw food!

With this professional blender you chose lifetime quality! Because of the micro-shredding-technology you can enjoy your drink without coarse pulp, although all the nutrients remain in the drink. This allrounder replaces up to 8 other kitchen devices. From now on you can mix, mash and produce delicious iced sorbets! If you like to, you can create creamy smoothies, marvelous soups and tenderly melting ice creams in only a few minutes. Even tomato sauce, pesto and guacamole is made in within seconds, for only one person or for the entire family. There is no limit for your fantasy.

Also the handling couldn’t be easier – Adjust the rotation speed of the high performance motor (more than 1000 watts) from 1000 to 24000 turns/min. It isn’t fast enough? Than activate the turbo (37000 (!) turns/min). You will be impressed by the performance of this device. The unbreakable 2 l mix mug with the wet-cutting blade, ergonomic handle, pusher and cover is comfortable and safe to use.

Vitamix TNC means professional quality for continuous use over years and decades. Popular celebrity chefs are already convinced of the advantages of this system.

The Vitamix Super TNC 5200 is available in three different colors.