SPROUTER "Freshlife"

SPROUTER "Freshlife"

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Weight: 2,50 kg


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SPROUTER "Freshlife"

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With the sprouter „Fresh Life“ you can pick sprouts and fresh herbs in every season.

Fresher is not possible! Sprouts and wheat grass succed especially easy.

Between two to four days after putting in the seeds and water, crisply sprouts are formed. After seven to ten days you can pick fresh cereal grasses or green herbs. The fully automatic sprinkler system waters your seeds regularly.
The four practical wheat pads make it easy to remove the individual quarter of the seed bowl content. The pads as well as the sprouter are easy to clean.

With the sprouter „Fresh Life“ sprouts, green herbs and cereal grasses of alfalfa, broccoli, watercress, radish, mustard, soybeans, lentils, wheat, rye, etc. succeed quickly and easily.

DO-IT-YOURSELFers enjoy the results in salads, vegetables, soups, cereals, with bread or in the wok - the healthiest way in any case is raw and unheated.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: Ø 29 cm, height 38 cm, 2.5kg
  • Power: 20 Watts