OTTOS O.F.B. Top heat grill, electric

OTTOS O.F.B. Top heat grill, electric
OTTOS O.F.B. Top heat grill, electricOTTOS O.F.B. Top heat grill, electricOTTOS O.F.B. Top heat grill, electric

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OTTOS O.F.B. Top heat grill, electric

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Otto's E-O.F.B. is built modularly. Thanks to the exchangeable upper part, the E-O.F.B. in no time from an electric to a gas grill - and vice versa. This allows barbecuing indoors and outdoors. The removable top also makes cleaning particularly easy.

The one for the E-O.F.B. Developed cast iron grate stores heat optimally, requires minimal maintenance and is large enough (32.5 cm x 26.5 cm) to be the largest If you grill at 800 degrees, it is important that the grate height adjustment works reliably. With Otto's lever, the height adjustment of the grate is child's play and the adjustable resistance makes it particularly gentle and safe. Prepare porterhouse steaks.

The open front design not only gives you easy access to your food. You can also always keep an eye on your steaks - so that you know and can react to the grill status at any time.

The two heater groups are infinitely variable and individually adjustable, which enables the grill temperature to be set precisely.

With conventional grills, fat and meat juices drip into the heat source. This causes flame and grease fires, which disrupt the even heat distribution. Charred and unevenly cooked dishes are the result. Due to the top heat of the E-O.F.B. the steak gets an even crust. The fat drips into a drip tray underneath.