NAPOLEON PRESTIGE P 665, stainless steel

NAPOLEON PRESTIGE P 665, stainless steel
NAPOLEON PRESTIGE P 665, stainless steelNAPOLEON PRESTIGE P 665, stainless steel

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Weight: 106,00 kg


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NAPOLEON PRESTIGE P 665, stainless steel

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Generates infrared heat radiation from 0 ° -980 ° C in 30 seconds with the new SIZZLE ZONE. Ceramic burners with thousands of evenly arranged flame outlets are used. The energy of the flames is absorbed by the ceramic. This begins to glow and generates temperatures up to 815.5 ° C. Due to the intense heat, meat is immediately seared and all juices and flavors are "sealed" in the meat.

The Napoleon Prestige P665 combines everything that a grill master can imagine under its chic grill hood. With 5 main burners, an infrared rear burner for rotisserie dishes and the infrared SIZZLE ZONE ™ side burner for perfect steaks, it enables eight different preparation methods. The spacious main grill area can accommodate up to 30 burgers. The entire grill system is made of high quality stainless steel:

The trolley construction, burner and flame protection inserts as well as the WAVE ™ grill grates, which give the food to be grilled the typical Napoleon branding. The special WEllen design ensures a more even heat distribution and keeps even smaller items grilled safely on the grill. Seven flame-retardant inserts form an extra surface and thus become aroma rails that give the food to be grilled a particularly aromatic grilling note. These aroma rails are particularly easy to clean thanks to the straightforward and sophisticated design.


Technical Data:
Warranty: President's Limited Lifetime
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Burners: 7
Total BTU's: 23.00
Colors: stainless steel
Lights: yes

BBQ Zone (cm): 94x46
Total width (cm): 190
Total depth (cm): 67
Total height in cm: 127
Weight (kg):105