NAPOLEON Built-In LEX 605 stainless steel

NAPOLEON Built-In LEX 605 stainless steel
NAPOLEON Built-In LEX 605 stainless steelNAPOLEON Built-In LEX 605 stainless steel

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Weight: 60,00 kg


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NAPOLEON Built-In LEX 605 stainless steel

Art.-Nr.: 850021

€ 1.899,00

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From 0°-980°C in 30 seconds with the new SIZZLE ZONE. The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE is a burner that creates infrared radient energy, using ceramic burners with thousands of evenly spaced flame ports. The flame energy is absorbed by the ceramic, which then glows and heats up to 1500°F. The intense heat immediately sears the food locking in moisture and flavour. 

Your outdoor gourmet kitchen awaits with the addition of the Napoleon Built-in LEX 605 Grill Head. This grill head will allow you to entertain well after dark with the stylish backlit control knobs. Napoleon’s JETFIRE ignition system makes sure that your grill lights every time by shooting a jet of flame to light the burners. Save money by cooking outdoors all summer long, keeping the oven off will help you keep the house cool. With a grill that behaves just like an oven you can easily bake and roast just like you would indoors. Sear quickly over the integrated infrared bottom burner. Add the optional charcoal tray for even more grilling fun. You can even turn the grill into a smoker by adding wood chips to the charcoal tray or using the Napoleon Smoker Tube. Cook all of your favourite foods on a grill that fits perfectly in to your ideal outdoor kitchen. Disclaimer: The island and built-in components shown do not come with the BILEX605RBI. The image is an interpretation of how it might look. Built-In propane gas hook up: Do not use a hose to connect to the unit. It must be connected with rigid pipe, copper tube or an approved flexible metal connector which complies with Z21.4 / CSA 6.10. Do not place propane cylinder tank directly under grill head or near the appliance. 

Your perfect grill cover: 850157 NAPOLEON Built-In Cover for 600/605

Technical Data: 
RRP (Inc. VAT): £1579.99
Limited Lifetime
Fuel Type: Propane
Burners: 5.00
Total BTU's: 23.20 
Total Cooking Area (cm²): 3,910.00
Burger Capacity (10cm Diameter): 38.00
Colors: Stainless Steel 
Lights: i-GLOW™ / NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs

BBQ Zone (cm): 85x46