NAPOLEON Built-In Prestige PRO 825 stainless steal

NAPOLEON Built-In Prestige PRO 825 stainless steal
NAPOLEON Built-In Prestige PRO 825 stainless stealNAPOLEON Built-In Prestige PRO 825 stainless steal

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Weight: 95,00 kg


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NAPOLEON Built-In Cover for 825

NAPOLEON Built-In Prestige PRO 825 stainless steal

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From 0°-980°C in 30 seconds with the new SIZZLE ZONE. The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE is a burner that creates infrared radient energy, using ceramic burners with thousands of evenly spaced flame ports. The flame energy is absorbed by the ceramic, which then glows and heats up to 1500°F. The intense heat immediately sears the food locking in moisture and flavour.

You are designing and building the outdoor kitchen you always dreamed of, now add the grill that will make those dreams come true. The Prestige PRO Series BIPRO825 With Rear And Bottom Infrared Burners. This grill has everything needed to take grilling to the next level. Two heads are better than one, sear, rotiss and even bake on the larger main grilling head. It has the room to grill up to 30 hamburgers at once over the four main tube burners. Grill another 20 hamburgers on the smaller grill with its two dedicated bottom Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ burners that heat to almost 1000°C in seconds. Turn this amazing grill into a smoker too; the PRO825 has its own integrated smoker tray with dedicated burner. This beast is still a beauty. The all stainless steel construction ensures years of incredible performance and durability, and the chrome accents add that luxury and sparkle that makes sure you know that this grills is a PRO.

* When being built into Oasis® cabinets, the BIPRO825RB cannot be used directly adjacent to the 45° transition kit (IM-45T).

Disclaimer: The island and built-in components shown do not come with the BIPRO825. The image is an interpretation of how it might look.

Built In Propane gas hook up:

Do not use a hose to connect to the unit. It must be connected with rigid pipe, copper tube or an approved flexible metal connector which complies with Z21.4 / CSA 6.10.

Do not place Propane cylinder tank directly under grill head or near the appliance.


NEW: motion activated lighting
NEW: SAFETY GLOW ™ controls with multi-colored lighting

Technical Data:
RRP (Inc. VAT): £3749.99
Warranty: President's Limited Lifetime
Fuel Type: Propane
Burners: 9.00
Total BTU's: 105,900.00
Total Cooking Area (cm²): 8,032.00
Burger Capacity (10cm Diameter): 52.00
Colors: Stainless Steel
Lights: i-GLOW™ / NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs

BBQ Zone (cm): 72x46 & 47x46