NAPOLEON cast iron turnover board

NAPOLEON cast iron turnover board

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Weight: 3,80 kg


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NAPOLEON cast iron turnover board

Art.-Nr.: 850257

€ 49,96

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Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Caramelize onions, cook bacon, produce perfect potatoes, and so much more with the Reversible Griddle for the Rogue® 365 and 525 Series grills! Replace the cooking grids or just rest it on top, the durable cast iron does an incredible job at transferring heat, making it an ideal cooking surface. Just like our cast iron cooking grids, the Reversible Griddle has a porcelain enamel coating to increase longevity, and it even seasons up just like your favorite frying pan. The huge surface is great for making fried onions and mushrooms to accompany your main or create delicious meals to enjoy al fresco.

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