Vegetable Coagulating Enzyme, 100ml

Vegetable Coagulating Enzyme, 100ml

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Vegetable Coagulating Enzyme, 100ml

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Enzym activity Soxhlet: 1: 4.000, made from wild artichocke

Vegetable coagulating enzyme - obtained by aqueous extraction followed by filtration from Cynara cardunculus . Similar to the traditional rennet, Galium splits the kappa casein of milk and thus enables the formation of jelly. Galium also leads to a corresponding end of the proteolysis of milk proteins and thus contributes to the ripening of cheese. Dilute it approx. 5-time in chlorine free cold water. Always prepare only as much as is needed at once. 
The amount of enzyme is determined by the process parameters (pH, temperature, required coagulation time, enzyme concentration and by the quantity of milk). Stored at a dark place at the temperature of between +4 °C to +8°C. Shelf life: 24 month The needed quantity is about 120 ml per 100 liter of milk. Ideal for fresh and short-ripening cheeses. Suitable for organic cheese production.