holzeis – Cheese Making Starter Set

holzeis – Cheese Making Starter Set

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Set is put together!

The holzeis – Cheese Making-Starter-SET presents the complete basic equipment for making Your self produced cheese:

280001 Rennet Tablets, with embossed quarter lines, 20pcs
Rennet Tablets
are used to precipitate milk protein, the so-called Casein. You add rennet, an enzyme from calf-stomachs. With good rennet capacity the milk generates a gel-type liquid, the so-called curd, on adding the substance. In case of reduced rennet capacity (pH-value, extreme cooling, extreme mechanical treatment or low Calcium content) the curd will be too soft. A good rennet capacity is very influential on yield and quality of the cheese.

280007 Starter Sour Milk,Curd,Butter (M 0,30N)
You also find starter cultures for sour milk, curd, butter in Your holzeis – CHEESE MAKING-Starter-Set. These lactic acid bacteria transform milk sugar into lactic acid that is responsible for souring the milk. The optimum temperature range is from 25 to 30°C. It is advisableto use the different starters for different types of cheese to achieve a quality cheese

280202 Cheese - Cloth Nr. 6 twined 90x90cm
The ceese cloth is primarily used for producing hard cheese, yet it can also be used for separating curd from whey.

280501 Cheese - Mold square 9x9/6x6 h=8,5cm f 200g cheese
The punctured cheese molds are smooth on the inside so that the cheese is not caught when putting it on the draining mat.

280402 Cheese - Mold con. 8/7cm for ca 200g cheese
The conical form supports a simple removing of the cheese from the mold .

050103 Pasteurising Term. Up to 115° C, plastic sleeve.
The correct temperature is essential for making yoghurt and cheese The Pasteurising Thermometer can be used for milk and double boiler applications.

160704 TM DESANAMAX, 35g
The integrated bio indicator detects microbiological contamination as the cleaning solution changes colour. So You can check immediately on the cleanliness of the containers. TM DESANAMAX for perfect quality of Your cheese and perfect hygiene of the containers.

The holzeis team wishes you a lot of pleasure and succes with Cheese Making!