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Weight: 0,10 kg


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Art.-Nr.: 500100

€ 49,50

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Replenishment arrives!

The small sophisticated device!

Small, light-weithed, stylish - the „KOTTAN easy“ is a pocket-sized breathalyzer for personal use.

Works even without mouth pieces, but the use of mouth pieces increases the accuracy!

Illuminated display, automatic power-off, one-button-operation.

Comes with batteries and manual in a pretentious box.

The tolerance ist about ± 10 – 15 %. It is just a breathalyzer for personal use. The device is not authorized for professional use.

The „KOTTAN easy“ is the perfect device for going out. Pocket-sized and suitable. A must-have at every party or pub crawl.

Technical data

Range: 0,00 bis 4,00 ‰

Sensor: temiconductor sensor

Accuracy: ± 0,1 ‰ bei 0,5 ‰

Power supply: two alkaline batteries / automatic power-off

Weight: 85 grams incl. batteries

Dimensions: 104 x 40 x 20 mm

Warning signal: three-step beep

Color: black

Approved: CE

Recommended Calibration interval :

We recommend also for the „KOTTAN easy“ a calibration intervall of 6 to 12 months, for saving the maximum accuracy. You can still use the device if it’s not calibrated at regular intervals. The calibration cost is EUR 30, 00 when the device is sent. The return shipping costs are included. Usally you get your device back after a week.

If you use your device very seldom it can become a bit insensitive. By frequent use you can extend the calibration interval.