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BEERSPIKE Bierstachel
- the first hopsshaped "Bierstachel"
- handcraft
- stainless steel
- stylish storagebox
- perfect present for many occasions

How to use the BEERSPIKE:
- put 0,15 - 0,2 l dark beer (dunkles Bier, Bockbier, Weizenbock etc.) directly from the fridge (6 - 9 °C) with less foam into the glass.
- heat the BEERSPIKE Bierstachel placed on the BEERSPIKE Rack with the burner until red heat
- place the BEERSPIKE Bierstachel for appx. 2-5 Sekunden to the filled  glass of beer until you have appx. 2cm of finest foam. Thus the carbon dioxide is reduced and additionally the left sugar within the beer will be caramelized. This results in a smooth and intense taste.
- Replace the BEERSPIKE Bierstachel and drop it on the BEERSPIKE Rack (be aware of the hot Bierstachel)
- The beer will warm up only for 1-3 Centigrade. Drink your beer through the warm and smooth foam and enjoy.

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