JUICER "Green Star", Squeezer GS-1000

JUICER "Green Star", Squeezer GS-1000

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JUICER "Green Star", Squeezer GS-1000

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Green Star - this health juicer squeezes juices with a maximum of valuable vitamins, enzymes and minerals! The device is particularly suitable for almost all types of fruits and vegetables. Also, fresh wheat grass and long fibrous stalks of celery will be processed on the fly to valuable vital juices.
While juice centrifuges spin the juice into small droplets through the aggressive atmospheric oxygen, juices the Green Star juicer with powerful, but slow speed precision press rolls. At only 110 turns per minute these press rolls interlock like cogs and squeeze gently the most valuable juices! The highly sensitive enzymes and healthy vitamins remain in the juice.
In the press rolls of the Green Star juicer bioceramics and magnets are used to optimize the quality of juice. These "pull" not only more minerals in the juice, but increase also their bioavailability. That means your body can absorb and use the dissolved minerals better.

More than just a juicer
Not only juicing, also mashing of fresh or frozen fruit (sorbets) is possible with your Green Star juice extractor. Especially delicious are confections made ​​of nuts and dried fruits.

Technology: Only 110 r / min, therefore very gentle; stainless-steel twin gears with inner magnet to improve the juice quality.

Standard equipment: Green Star juice extractor, fine juice sieve, mash insert, glass pitcher, cleaning brush, outlet screws for hard and soft material to be processed, detailed instruction manual.

Accessory: coarse juice sieve