STARTER for Sauerkraut (lactic acid bacteria)

STARTER for Sauerkraut (lactic acid bacteria)

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STARTER for Sauerkraut (lactic acid bacteria)

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Selectedly cultured lactic acidbacteria as starter for Your pickeled vegetables-fermentation.

rely on the quality of the starter - same as with using selected yeasts for alcoholic fermentation - for their timely and quantitaive advantage to stop bad fermentation before it can even start. This "good" strain is the basically exclusively needed bacteria strain which enables a clean lactic acid fermentation. It has successfully been cultivated and we now can use this "powerful" beast in helping us against the undesired, even unhealthy germs.

But don't fear! Ther is still enough natural influx to achieve a healthy and delicious variety! Just....

The risk of bad fermentation and thereforethe risk of losing one's work, delight and also extra value can be reduced with only a small addtitional cost factor.

Also for every other kinds of fermented vegetables.