Dörrex with 3 stainless steel sieves NEW!

Dörrex with 3 stainless steel sieves NEW!

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Weight: 3,45 kg


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Dörrex with 3 stainless steel sieves NEW!

Art.-Nr.: 050504

€ 185,90

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Replenishment arrives!

Delicious, healthy and affordable.
Drying is the natural and simple way to preserve fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs for a long time. Dried products remain their healthy properties and ingredients. Moreover dried stocks are a cheap alternative to canned or deep freeze products. Now You can process the produce right in the season.

The continuous temperature control supports a gentle processing and the active air circulation guarantees an absolutely uniform drying. So all the valuable ingredients in the dried produce can be preserved.

If You want to process bigger batches than You can add additional stainless steel sieves You can stack up to 10 sieves in Your Dörrex.

Product information:
DM: 33,5 cm; H: 27,5 cm; power: 600 W