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The system consists of:

  • Stainless steel cooking pot with 8 liters
  • Stainless steel insert for pasteurising of juice. (Stainless steel heat exchanger with 6 m stainless steel tube)
  • Tested, built-in heater, 2000 W
  • Tap, silicone tube, filling end with digital thermometer, insulation tube

The stainless steel cooking pot can be used all year in the household. For pasteurising juice, fill the cooking pot with water, close pasteurising lid and use the built-in heater and possibly an additional oven plate for heating. Now allow the juice from the reservoir to run through the stainless steel spiral. With the flow regulation valve, the amount is adjusted so that the temperature at the outlet is at least 78 ° C.


  • Depending on additional energy supplied and juice temperature before heating.
  • When used with heater: 30 liters per hour
  • When used with heater & oven plate: about 50-60 liters per hour