Juice Pasteur stainless steel 2500 Watt without Th

Juice Pasteur stainless steel 2500 Watt without Th

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Juice Pasteur stainless steel 2500 Watt without Th

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Juice Pasteur stainless steel spiral heating element for preserving freshly made fruit juices.

And this is how to do it: - You fill Your fruit juice immedialtely after pressing or after clarifying into the juice barrel, that has already been arranged at its permanent location in Your cellar. The permanently full barrel should have a diameter of 40-80 cm and a height of max. 120 cm. Always use permanent barrels of stainless steel! - Now You immerse the stainless steel into the barrel so that it touches the bottom (juice height level max. 100 cm). Connect to the mains (220V). -If Your apparatus has a thermostat, then set the thermostat - and the work is done. - As soon as the desired temperature has been reached, disconnect the apparatus (in case of the device with thermostat it will turn off automatically). - Now You put the oil lid onto the juice top surface and poou the ecological oil between the edge of the lid and the barrel perimeter directly onto the hot juice with a minimum height of 10 mm. - Now close the barrel with the dust lid .

From this moment on You can tap and enjoy delicious, sweet juice for quite some time.