"Leonardo da Vinci" Essential Oils Distiller, 3l

"Leonardo da Vinci" Essential Oils Distiller, 3l

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"Leonardo da Vinci" Essential Oils Distiller, 3l

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"Leonardo da Vinci" is the perfect distillery for the distillation of essential oils and aromatic spirits.

The name comes from the fact that even Leonardo da Vinci has worked with this principle. In Portugal, Italy and southern Spain people still distill with this simple and efficient principle. The special about this principle is that the cooling tank sits on top instead of sideways. So the rising distillate can directly cool down. Since the destillate condenses very rapidly after vaporising, the result of the destillation is particularly rich of aromas. An aroma-sieve in the top of the kettle makes „Leonardo da Vinci“ to one of the best distilleries for the production of essential oils.

Due to the space-saving design and the flattened bottom it fits well on any normal cooking stove.

"Leonardo da Vinci" is available in sizes 2 - 250 lt.

The legal requirements for producing alcohol enquire at Your respective legal authorities.

The correct tube to your destillery: 070220 SILICONE TUBE id=9x2mm