Spirit of Wine/Alcohol 1 l Bottle

Spirit of Wine/Alcohol 1 l Bottle

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Spirit of Wine/Alcohol 1 l Bottle

Art.-Nr.: 090111

€ 27,90

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96% Alcohol (aqueous ethyl alcohol) for steeping liquors, for disinfection of filters, ...

Graduated prices for larger amounts: Spirit of Wine/Alcohol 10 l single bottles WEB-PROMOTION!

All recipes with our Liqueur Herb Sortiments relate to the easily transportable and multi-purpose " aqueous ethyl alcohol" or spirit of wine (96%). Try our special customer service …

ATTENTION: No shipment of canisters possible!

Note: We can only ship our 1 l bottles (max. 12 litres per package) due to legal restrictions. For bigger orders we can only ship a multitude of 1 l bottles. For bulk orders please take advantage of our pick-up service at our warehouse in ALTLENGBACH, 3052 Innermanzing.

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