Steeping Liqueur Herbs AROMATIQUE, 1 kg

Steeping Liqueur Herbs AROMATIQUE, 1 kg

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1 kg for ca. 70 l Liqueur; Mixture of spicy local herbs adds a rich natural aroma and a pleasantly strong taste; especially prefered for liqueur (spirit) from green nuts. STEEPING ALCOHOL(Spirit/Ethanol 96%) better suited because of the better solubility and a better choice of the preferred alcohol content (in vol%) than steeping corn schnapps, or other substitutes. All of our liqueur recipes (imprinted on the packaging) are based on this quality. Apart from this even transport is relatively cheaper due to the higher concentration.As special service to our customers we offer Top-Prices for our "Liqueur customers" (collection for larger amounts or extra shipment fees for deliveries up to 12 liters). Please use the Wide Neck Glass Flasks up to 34 Liters! Or for extra large quantities: ask for our high-quality SPEIDEL-Beveragebarrels!

Our recipe for Your "Nut Liqueur" - proven since 1920 ...


30 green unripe Nts (June/beginning of July), kernel still jellylike, cut in quarter pieces and put them into a glass bottle with wide neck (e.g.. Wide neck Flask 5 l) . 175g sugar (if You like it sweeter then more) in dissolve in 1 l water (when boiling the water and sugar, then let the solution cool down) and pour it together with 0.8 l Steeping alcohol (spirit/Ethanol 96%) over the nuts. One package of the „Aromatique“ Herbal Liqueur Mixture added and then close the flask with its lid . After 6 weeks You can decanter the liqueur and enjoy it as a potent digestive.

Opulently dined? - A shot "Nut Liqueur" Aromatique and Your stomach feels again OK!