Essential oils Kit

Essential oils Kit

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Essential oils Kit

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This kit is composed of all the accessories needed for collecting essential oils.
The essential oil separator allows clean and professional separation of essential oils from the hydrosol. We recommend the graduated 10ml pipette for collecting small amounts.
Both of these measuring instruments are made by a quality German laboratory.  6 test tubes with corks in a wooden stand are included in this kit, to easily collect the precious oils.
All these accessories allow mixing your own perfumes. We’ve also included 4 adequate brushes  to clean your equipment after use.

This kit is composed of:

1 x 100ml essential oil extractor (separator nozzle) with stopper
1 x 10ml graduated pipette
1 x 1ml graduated pipette
1 x wooden stand for test tubes
6 x 160 x 16 mm test tubes
6 x corks
4  x brushes (2x pipette brushes, 2x  brushes for test tubes)