ERBSLÖH Vitamon Combi, 1 kg

ERBSLÖH Vitamon Combi, 1 kg

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ERBSLÖH Vitamon Combi, 1 kg

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Yeast nutrient for optimum yeast nutrition.
Vitamon Combi is a combination product from especially selected pure diammonium posphate and vitamin B1 (Thiamin).
By adding it the vitamin essential for the breeding as well as the nutrients essential for the breeding and a better fermentation are brought into the must respectively the fermenting wine.

Red wine yeast, top-class for the francophil-romanic charakter.

Oenoferm Rouge has been specially selected for the red wine production and achieves an especially colour preserving fermentation of raw musts and mashes.

Dosage: 15 - 25 g/ 100 l Must and Mash

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