Apple Fruit Cutter-Crusher

Apple Fruit Cutter-Crusher

Technical information

Lenght: 514 m
Width: 586 m
Height: 1400 m
Weight: 30,00 kg


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Apple Fruit Cutter-Crusher

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Cuts Your apple fruit up for pressing , increases the juice yield. Optimum cutting size, not too coarse, not too fine. This way You achieve the biggest juice yield with ohne little suspended solids. Up to 1000 kg per hour. can be connected to any household mains. Big hopper allows filling in directly fom the box. Simple cleaning with water hose. Stainless steel cutters can be sharpened. All parts are food-safe and rust proof for their lifetime.

H: 1250 mm, L: 514 mm,W: 586 mm Weight: 30 kg