RING GAS BURNER, 2-flm CE, ZS, 20.5 kW

RING GAS BURNER, 2-flm CE, ZS, 20.5 kW

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RING GAS BURNER, 2-flm CE, ZS, 20.5 kW

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Our ring gas burner, 2-, 3- and 4 flames, are equipped with an ignition row. By setting screws you can define the optimum distance to the kettle bottom (40mm). The burners are safeguarded against self ignition and comprise a piezo ignition. They can also be continuously regulated. The devices conform to the European regulations and are therefore suitable for the small enterprise usage. Suitable for: distilling, pasteurising, brewing, cooking, cheese-making, …

Type of Gas Propane / Butane
Gas Pressure

1.5 bar

Gas consumption of ignition row 180g/h
Gas consumprion main burner 1420 g/h
Performance ignition row 2.3 kW
Performance main burner 18.15 kW
Length 555 mm
Inset length in burner cubicle ca. 385 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 125 mm