Stainless steel pressure tank 120-litre ZKG

Stainless steel pressure tank 120-litre ZKG

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Weight: 40,00 kg


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Stainless steel pressure tank 120-litre ZKG

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Pressure tank with conical bottom 60°

  • For the maturation/fermentation (conus tanks) of larger amounts of beer we recommend Speidel’s stainless steel pressure tank for up to max. 1.2 bar
  • The special 3D inner surface facilitates cleaning
  • With double cooling jacket at the tank cylinder for the maturation and fermentation of bottom-fermented beers outside a cooling chamber
  • Made in compliance with the guidelines for pressure equipment 2014/68/EU including approval from Germany’s Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).
  • Curved top layer with pressure dome NW 400
  • Safety valve mounted on top layer
  • Type plate for the identification of the container
  • Multi use connection: nozzle NW 25 DIN 11851 moulded on top layer for T-adapter for the connection of CO² valve and plug apparatus or sprayhead holder NW 10 for cleaning.
  • Nozzle for sample taking NW 10 DIN 11851
  • Temperature measuring-welded threaded connector NW 10 DIN 11851
  • Clear drain outlet 1" ET
  • Complete drain outlet 1" ET
  • Double jacket 2 x 1"  ET
  • Diameter: 55 cm
  • Height:  124 cm