Braumeister PLUS for 20 lt Beer

Braumeister PLUS for 20 lt Beer

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Braumeister PLUS for 20 lt Beer

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Set is put together!

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Now even newer: like the original, but better. That’s the Braumeister PLUS, with welded-on double jacket for cooling. The factory fitted weld-on double jacket makes previous accessories unnecessary and gives you greater freedom when brewing beer. This way brewing more complex beers is easier than ever before. The Braumeister PLUS is available with a capacity of 20 or 50 litres. For emptying the waste water there is an additional outlet tap mounted to the tank bottom, which makes cleaning remarkably easy. Made of stainless steel Brewing quantity: 20 litres of finished beer (normal beer) = approximately 23 litres of wort Maximum malt quantity 6 kg Remark: The use of the cooling jacket at the PLUS is not working properly with the short malt pipe and the half quantity of wort.

Never before brewing has been easier ...
... with Speidel´s Braumeister!

New programmable model!

  • Brew Your own beer in a natural way
  • unfiltered, light agreeable, rich in vitamins
  • Tap Your own beer for Your friends
  • Your own beer at birthday parties, celebrations, barbecues
  • Trink a wide range of types than just always the same
  • Wheat, Helles, Pilsner, Maerzen and so on
  • Brewing capacity 10l, 20l or 50l
  • Simple operation
  • Mashing, lautering, boiling all in one
  • Fully automated control of brewing process
  • revolutionary concept - patented
  • Top-quality finishing
  • Complete in stainless steel
  • Made in Germany

The Braumeister has been especially designed for the hobby brewers. The special advantage is in the simple "no-messy" application. Malt is not washed out by a stirring device, but by a gentle pumping action. For lautering simply withdraw the malting tube which then is hung for dripping! This usually time consuming process is here finished within a few minutes and can be executed without any container. Dimensions: Height: ca. 58 cm, diameter: ca. 37 cm.

For achieving a very fast chilling down of the wort (danger of infection) Wort Cooler, Art.Nr. 161801 is a necessary accessory. (copper spirals are not advisable in an stainless steel environment .)

How does it work?

Braumeister - The Movie

Instructions BM, 20l