Braumeister for 20 lt Beer

Braumeister for 20 lt Beer
Braumeister for 20 lt Beer

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Braumeister for 20 lt Beer

Art.-Nr.: 161815

€ 1.485,00

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Set is put together!

holzeis -Braumeister Anleitung (deutsch) PDF im  Download Info at the top
holzeis - Braumeister  Instruction (englisch) PDF im Download Info at the top
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Never before brewing has been easier ...
... with Speidel´s Braumeister!

New programmable model!

  • Brew Your own beer in a natural way
  • unfiltered, light agreeable, rich in vitamins
  • Tap Your own beer for Your friends
  • Your own beer at birthday parties, celebrations, barbecues
  • Trink a wide range of types than just always the same
  • Wheat, Helles, Pilsner, Maerzen and so on
  • Brewing capacity 10l, 20l or 50l
  • Simple operation
  • Mashing, lautering, boiling all in one
  • Fully automated control of brewing process
  • revolutionary concept - patented
  • Top-quality finishing
  • Complete in stainless steel
  • Made in Germany

The Braumeister has been especially designed for the hobby brewers. The special advantage is in the simple "no-messy" application. Malt is not washed out by a stirring device, but by a gentle pumping action. For lautering simply withdraw the malting tube which then is hung for dripping! This usually time consuming process is here finished within a few minutes and can be executed without any container. Dimensions: Height: ca. 58 cm, diameter: ca. 37 cm.

For achieving a very fast chilling down of the wort (danger of infection) Wort Cooler, Art.Nr. 161801 is a necessary accessory. (copper spirals are not advisable in an stainless steel environment .)

How does it work?

Braumeister - The Movie

Instructions BM, 20l