Soda-Keg New 19 L

Soda-Keg New 19 L

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Soda-Keg New 19 L

Art.-Nr.: 140700

€ 97,80

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Soda keg 19 litres

  • Without accessories
  • Capacity: 19 litres
  • Connections: ball-lock

Soda kegs or ‘Corny’ kegs
are still the best solution for home brewers wanting to serve draught beer. They have many advantages over other pressure kegs: made of stainless steel, so almost indestructible and easy to keep hygienically clean; with a removable oval lid for easy access to the interior and is pressure resistant to over 5 bar, more than sufficient for beer. Force-carbonation of your beer, wine, cider, etc. is also possible! At last you can fill your bottles with counter pressure WITHOUT sediment (when using the counter pressure bottle filler 058.121.4)! All kegs are pressure-tested. We have a complete kit for kegging. We also sell a range of separate accessories.