Hop Pellets Ht Hersbr. 100 G

Hop Pellets Ht Hersbr.  100 G

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Hop Pellets Ht Hersbr. 100 G

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Germany’s most popular aroma hop with a fantastic, spicy aroma. Cultivated in Europe’s largest hop acreage between Munich and Nurnberg. This hop variety with its delicate subtlety is the forefather of many varieties in the USA. Good tolerance to diseases. Alpha acid content: 3-5.5%. The exact alpha acid content is indicated on every package.

Hop pellets are destalked ground hops pressed into little pellets. Use about 10 % less than when using hop cones with a similar alpha level. Hop pellets can be preserved longer and are usually available for a longer period of time during the course of the season.

All our hops are packed in special vacuum packages for optimal storage life and placed in a cold storage room at 5 °C. The availability and alpha acid content strongly depend on the harvest.