Maltkit Brewferm Kölner For 20 Ltrs

Maltkit Brewferm Kölner For 20 Ltrs

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Maltkit Brewferm Kölner For 20 Ltrs

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Light golden ale with a clean taste. Slight fruitiness with a faint herbal hint due to the use of a little wheat.

  • Original gravity: 1.055
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • For 20 litres
Pils 3 EBC, Münchener 15 EBC, Wheat malt 3 EBC, hops Hallertau Perle + Hallertau Hersbrucker, beer yeast. Contains gluten.

Brewferm® malt kits
You want to brew some beer from grain, but you don´t have a recipe at hand or don´t know how to get started? These ready-to-use BREWFERM® malt kits are the ideal solution. They contain all ingredients required for brewing 15-20 litres of beer: malts, necessary special grains (wheat, corn flakes, etc.), hops, necessary herbs and a dry brewing yeast. Assembled by our master brewer according to proven recipes and packed for optimal freshness. With comprehensive instructions and clear mashing schedule. If you don't have any brewing equipment yet, you can obtain all the materials you need with the Brewferm starter kit BRAUSET 'SUPERIOR' GAS (#164219) oder BRAUSET 'SUPERIOR' ELEKTRO(#164220).