Labu-Mini-Bräu 70 Liters

Labu-Mini-Bräu 70 Liters

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Weight: 150,00 kg


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Labu-Mini-Bräu 70 Liters

Art.-Nr.: 161760

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Mashing kettle (wort pan) with lid, stirrer, siphon, stand in stainless steel, elektrically heated : 70 Liters wort kettle (capacity) 4.6 kW/400 Volt. Electronics with temperature display.

Combined lauter kettle/fermentation tank: double walled stainless steel container for cooling with waterr, lid with electronics for keeping the temperature constant and for displaying the temperature. Mashing filter and filter for hot precipitaion separation: prepared for coupling of pump.

Device can also be supplied in in 100, 200 or 500 Liters ! CALL IN