Coopers Brewing Set 'Luxus'

Coopers Brewing Set 'Luxus'

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Weight: 7,00 kg



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Coopers Brewing Set 'Luxus'

Art.-Nr.: 161414

€ 88,00

20% VAT incl.


Replenishment arrives!


 incl. 1 Coopers Lager HBS  (+Special Yeast)

  • 25l Special-Fermentation Tank
  • Secondary Fermentation Tank
  • Fermentation Tube with rubber stopper
  • Cleaner (disinfective cleaner)
  • Beer Spindle
  • Measuring Cylinder
  • Brew Paddle
    Crown Capper and crown caps
  • Bottle Brush
  • Filling pipe + Filling tube with valve
  • detailed despcription and accessories' catalogue for numerous further  types of beer

  • Instructions for use of COOPERS BREWING SET Delux

    Six steps to the consumption of home-brewed beer:


    Steeping Starting the fermentation Fermentation (2-3 days)
    Decanting Preperation for maturing Filling in pressure tested bottles.
    Maturing (4-6 weeks)