Brewferm Starter'S Kit Deluxe

Brewferm Starter'S Kit Deluxe

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Brewferm Starter'S Kit Deluxe

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Starter kit Deluxe
With this very complete starters kit, you have all the materials you need to brew your beers at home starting from kits.

  • Plastic graduated brewing bucket 30 l with tap.
  • Fermentation bucket 30 l with tap, thermometer strip and airlock.
  • Special bottle filling device.
  • Brewing spoon.
  • Crown capper ‘EMILY’ and 100 crown corks.
  • Bottle brush and cleaning product Chemipro® OXI.
  • Hydrometer and measuring cylinder to check the fermentation.

Beer kit not included.

To be used with the Brewferm and Muntons beerkits (056.050.8 to 056.230.9 )