SPEIDEL "Kellermeister", pressureless, 30l

SPEIDEL "Kellermeister", pressureless, 30l

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Weight: 5,00 kg


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SPEIDEL "Kellermeister", pressureless, 30l

Art.-Nr.: 161957

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  • Clear beer and main tap 3/4" female 
  • including 2 x outlet taps
  • Includes thermometer

  • The Kellermeister ist a conical tank which is ideal for unpresurized fermentation.
  • Due to its special design, the yeast collects in the cone and can be harvested and used again. 
  • Fermented beer can be tapped off at the clear beer outflow and racked. 
  • Its lid with dipping edge acts as a fermentation lock, a separate airlock is not necessary. 
  • The Kellermeister is made of food safe polyethylene. Due to its smooth inner surface it is very easy to clean.