EBULLIOSKOP according to Malligand, chromium-plate

EBULLIOSKOP according to Malligand, chromium-plate
EBULLIOSKOP according to Malligand, chromium-plate

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EBULLIOSKOP according to Malligand, chromium-plate

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For measuring the alcohol in distillates, in wines and in all other alcohol containing liquids. The ideal instrument for the professional and for the hobby- wine maker or distiller with high standards. The instrument is spipped completely with spitit burner in a stable plastic cassette.

Measuring the alcohol with the Ebullioskop according to Vidal Malligand

this method of measuring the alcohol relies on the fact that with increasing alcohol content the boiling point of the wine decreases. The air pressure must be taken into account as the boiling point depends onto the air pressure.

before conducting the measurement the conic vessel (A) is fillted with pure water up to the lower one of the two present annular markings applied on the inside. After the attaching of the attachment (E) which carries the thermometer the water is heated as long till the mercury column finally comes to a stop. The attachment of the cooler (G) is not required for this nulling method as the pure waterdoes not change its boiling point when water pressure escapes.

Now the zero ob the slidable scale is set exactly at the topof the mercury column and is secured with a knurled screw.

After disembling the device and draining the water the device is swashed with the wine to be measured and subsequently the wine is filled in to the upper annualr marking. Now with the attached cooler filled with cooling water the wine is heated till the mercury column of the thermometer does not move any longer. At the top of the mercury column the voume percent can be read directly. The movable slide with glass and line can be used for marking of the mercury column.

After emptying the cooler and the boiling vessel another wine can beimmediately be filled into the vessel.The cooling water must not be warm. it has to be renewed after every measurement.

A new fixing of zero is required when the barometer has changed.


Mercury thermometer as used in the Ebullioskop tend to splitting the column during transport or when stored horizontally. In case of airbubbles inclosues the device measures wrong values. Usually the mercury column does not stand still. Through the longitudinal slits of the round protective tube at the thermometer sensorYou can see the air enclosure in the wider section of the of the mercury chamber. It often suffices to carefully knock it up or to flick it as it is done with fever thermometers to bring the mercury back together into the bottom area and to remove the air enclosures. Doesn't this restore the mercury column then the thermometer is best put into the deep freeze compartment of a refrigerator and cool it down drastically before You try again knocking down the mercury.

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