REFRACTOMETER HONEY, 58-92 % 0,2 % Brix

REFRACTOMETER HONEY, 58-92 % 0,2 % Brix

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EQUIPMENT - Refractometers - LED cover

REFRACTOMETER HONEY, 58-92 % 0,2 % Brix

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Refractometers are optical precision instruments that determine the density of a liquid by the refractive index, with only a few drops! Suitable for juices, wort, honey, etc. Also for use in the vineyard. Accurate yet simple to use: just place a few drops of liquid on the prism, point the refractometer towards a light source and you have an immediate reading of the density. They are supplied with box, screwdriver for easy calibration and pipette.

Refractometer for honey 12-27% water / 58-90 brix

  • Scale: 12-27 % water, 58-90 % brix
  • Graduation: 0,2%

To determine the water content in honey and for measuring the concentration of sugar in sugar-containing solutions such as syrup or concentrates. In addition, you can use the honey refractometer for analysis of chemical and technical liquids whose refractive index is in the range of honey refractometer, when they are not chemically aggressive. For example edible oils, lubricating oils or coolants.

Please note that the honey has to be liquid at the measurement - crystalline honey must be pre-heated and liquified.