Refractometer beer 0-18 Plato

Refractometer beer 0-18  Plato

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EQUIPMENT - Refractometers - LED cover

Refractometer beer 0-18 Plato

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Refractometers are optical precision instruments that determine the density of a liquid by the refractive index, with only a few drops! Suitable for juices, wort, honey, etc. Also for use in the vineyard. Accurate yet simple to use: just place a few drops of liquid on the prism, point the refractometer towards a light source and you have an immediate reading of the density. They are supplied with box, screwdriver for easy calibration and pipette.

Refractometer BEER 0 - 18° Plato with ATC:

  • Model specially for beer brewers.
  • Ideal for checking your wort during reducing, as well as monitoring the rinsing of the brewers' grain.
  • Scale 0 - 18°, per 0.1°.
  • With ATC (automatic temperature correction between 10 and 30°C)

Density measurement
Glass hydrometers follow the ‘principle of Archimedes’: Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.
The gram is the mass of 1 cubic centimeter (1 cc or 1 ml) of pure water. There are a few units used for sugar measurement that have a direct relation with a weight unit. Other units however have a connection with the density or specific gravity. The specific gravity is the weight per unit of volume (g/cm³). The specific gravity of pure water is 1 g/cm³. The s.g. of water is 1 (1.000).