Refractometer 0-80% Vol. alcohol

Refractometer 0-80% Vol. alcohol

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Refractometer 0-80% Vol. alcohol

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Refractometers are optical precision instruments that determine the density of a liquid by the refractive index, with only a few drops! Suitable for juices, wort, honey, etc. Also for use in the vineyard. Accurate yet simple to use: just place a few drops of liquid on the prism, point the refractometer towards a light source and you have an immediate reading of the density. They are supplied with box, screwdriver for easy calibration and pipette.

Refractometer ALCOHOL 0 - 80%:

  • Model specially for distilleries and liqueur producers.
  • Just a few drops allows the determining of the alcohol level in your distillates without sugar.
  • Large range: 0 - 80 vol.%, per 1,0 %.