Self Sulphuring Device

Self Sulphuring Device

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Self Sulphuring Device

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For sterilising and cleaning of bottles made of glass and plastic.

1/4 Liter sterilised liquid (water with Potassium pyrosulfit (10g/250ml), or where sulphur is no option with our MS Combi-acid, 1:1 with water) is filled into the bowl, the neck of the bottle is put onto the spray nozzle and fast pressed down. The installed pump effiziently sterilises the inner surface of the bottles.

This is the practical aid for all DIY-ers. Whatever Your beverage (wine, beer, liquor, must, juice) bottle washing is a nuisance but now can be carried out somewhat easier and in larger batches!

Ideal accessory for drip-drying and for preparing the bottling of the bottles : Bottle-Drip-Drying Stand