holzeis - EasyDesinfect, based on water, 25 lt

holzeis - EasyDesinfect,  based on water, 25 lt

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holzeis - EasyDesinfect, based on water, 25 lt

Art.-Nr.: 079100

€ 195,00

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Replenishment arrives!

New, developed water-based disinfectant!
Sustainable | environmentally friendly  | without chemistry

• bactericide
• limited virucidal activity against SARS corona, influenza, HIV, ...
• fungicidal
• PH-level neutral
• aldehyde-free
• not flammable
• not allergic
• not irritating to mucous membranes
• 100% naturally degradable

Handling & storage:
Use biocides carefully, always read the label before use, keep cool and protected from light. Dispose of contents / container in accordance with local / regional / national / international regulations.

The very low, natural chlorine content caused by the special process is a side effect of the conversion of the water. Do not spray color sensitive, especially textile surfaces. check beforehand.
First aid measures:
Medical advice is required.
Have packaging or label ready. Keep out of the reach of children
reach. In case of eye contact, rinse with water.

for disinfecting surfaces of all kinds, kitchen, sanitary area, mobile phone, tablet, toys,
Tools, garden articles, litter boxes, pet accessories

Dilution 1:10
for nebulization to reduce germs and odors in interiors, greenhouses, stables

Dilution 1:25
for spraying plants
against bacteria, fungi, viruses
Dilution 1: 100
For the treatment of drinking and
Irrigation water, against biofilm in pipes and tanks
Dilution 1: 1000
For drinking water treatment,
Legionella control, E.coli, etc.
Exposure time
60 seconds on surfaces.
High material compatibility