Bottle rinser Blast

Bottle rinser Blast

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Bottle rinser Blast

Art.-Nr.: 070082

€ 12,90

20% VAT incl.


Replenishment arrives!

... easy to mount on the water mains- tap, simple to operate, for rinsing of bottles and hoses.

Rinse Your bottles in only a few seconds! Attach the bottle rinser on Your water tap, press the bottle on it for just a few seconds - rinsing completed!

NEW! Improved model: No kickback of the line!

  • made of high quality indestructable Nylon
  • fits onto all common house water installation valves
  • with tapered nozzle for simple cleaning of Your hoses
  • Excellent PRICE/PERFORMANCE ratio

Test the ADAPTER-SET for the bottle rinser Blast, to function well on kitchen and bathroom fittings!