BERKEL Cutter Red Line 200,red

BERKEL Cutter Red Line 200,red
BERKEL Cutter Red Line 200,redBERKEL Cutter Red Line 200,red

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Weight: 16,00 kg


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BERKEL Cutter Red Line 200,red

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BERKEL Home Line 250, red

Home Line 250 is the culmination of know-how from the team of Berkel engineers, functionality requirements and high safety standards. Home Line 250 has been developed from professional Berkel slicer technology. It guarantees unbeatable performance and safety levels: the chrome-plated steel blade with professional profile ensures the perfect cut, uniform slices and reduced waste.

The absence of sharp edges coupled with specific features (such as the space for the collection of small pieces of food scrap and opening plate), ensures that perfect cleaning is fast and simple.